Affinity Groups

About NDFC Affinity Groups:

As a member of NDFC, staff and board members of your organization may participate in Affinity Groups for:

  • Community development professionals with disabilities
  • Accessible and supportive housing
  • Assistive technology and consumer finance
  • Universal design of community facilities

Are you interested in a Community Development Professionals with Disabilities Affinity Group?

  • Are you a person with a disability and/or aim to champion disability inclusion in the Community Development field?
  • Are you seeking open dialogue with colleagues about how we include the disability perspective into our Community Development work and daily lives?
  • Would you like to help design and launch this new affinity group to address the topics you care about?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please complete the following survey to help us gauge interest and hear your perspectives as we design and prepare to launch this exciting new initiative.

Survey link here:

Whether you work at a CDFI, a disability services organization, an investment partner, or government agency focused on Community Development, the National Disabilities Finance Coalition welcomes your thoughts and ideas for how an affinity group for professionals with disabilities can support you professionally and personally.

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