As the leading organization bridging the CDFI industry and the disability community, we welcome you to join us as a member.  NDFC supports its members through:

  • Peer Learning among CDFIs offering or exploring Disability Finance
  • Building Connections between CDFIs and the Disability Community
  • Bringing Awareness and funding to support Disability Finance

All programs are free of charge. Click here to complete the Membership Form.

NDFC members represent a wide range of CDFI and Disability Community members including:

  • CDFIs with defined programs that support People with Disabilities (PWD)
  • CDFIs curious about and exploring serving PWD
  • CDFIs with PWD loans in their portfolio that want to learn and do more
  • Disability-focused non-profits eager to partner with financial service providers
  • Disability-focused government agencies eager to fund or partner with CDFIs
  • Banks and Foundations that are committed to access and equality for PWD

We ask members to support our work through contributions based on their ability to support NDFC. 

Members may participate in these benefits:

  • Join the NDFC Board or a Committee of the Board
  • Participate in Affinity Groups for:
    • Accessible and supportive housing
    • Assistive technology and consumer finance
    • Universal design of Community Facilities
    • Community Development Professionals with Disabilities
  • Receive support from NDFC staff to document PWD case studies
  • Benefit from Technical Assistance from fellow NDFC members
  • Engage in interactive webinars on disability finance topics
  • Be recognized on the NDFC website

Click here to complete the Membership Form.

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